Leslie's Original Life List

spend a day on a boat on the great lakes*

visit the Indian reservations

make healing blankets that are filled with love and hope

stand under the waterfalls

spend a afternoon on an ocean raft tour

sit in the water at the edge of the Burgess Falls Waterfall and meditate

buy a player piano

take piano lessons

learn how to play harmonica

take drum lessons

learn how to play a few chords on the guitar

learn how to play a song on the guitar

play guitar around a camp fire

finish writing a song

write children’s books to raise money for the Key Foundation

dance, dance, dance

climb a fire tower and look out over the land

get season tickets to …. the ballet, the symphony, or the theater

hike day trip trails throughout the seasons of the year… in every city you live

make a video/movie story

rent an RV and roam around out west

find the man in the Carolinas that you “saw” would be your lover

take a cross country photo tour

travel to the holy lands and walk barefoot on the streets

have many, many autumn parties with cider and fire pits and friends

go out on a harley (with a driver) and drive on a back road during the summertime

dance in a mosh pit

experience contact dancing

hang glide (low gliding!) in a beautiful valley area

go indoor “sky diving” since real sky diving seems like a miserable form of torture

swim with dolphins

grow blackberries outside your kitchen door

grow herbs outside your kitchen door

visit the Biltmore Estate

play in the sand of the North Carolina Beaches

rent a beach house with your family for the weekend

spend a month in New York City in the spring

go to Ireland and walk through a fairytale like lush green page from my calendar

get Front Row tickets to a favorite rock star concert and rock out like a groupie

build my house stereo system so i can rock out, swing, or float to the music in every room of my house and dance my way to every room

draw pictures while sitting in the woods

write fantasy stories while sitting under a canopy of trees with light streaming in patterns on my paper

spend afternoons in the forest, sleeping, dreaming, coloring, and dreaming

have a neighborhood films series and explore the culture of film with people who know more than you

watch black and white movies, foreign movies, musicals, teen dramas, documentaries, and the chic flicks... watch a variety of movies with the variety of people that you love

watch teen movies and paint your toe nails … enjoy the drama and the humor of your past

have many many parties…

dancing parties outside under twinkle lights

spring parties with fancy drinks and beautiful flowers

tea parties for children

crazy rocking dancing parties

plan “the pond party” with the concert and the lightening bugs

dive in to the femine core of love in women

find the woman with long dark hair that I saw in my vision of love

find the center of balance between my femine and masculine truth

go as deep into the country as possible and look for the largest condensed gathering of lightening bugs you can find in a field of grass… take a picture

put a bed on my back porch

hang a bed from a tree

hang a swing in my house

lay a blanket in a field during the daytime every summer and dream like a child

sing live karaoke (someplace other than the retirement home for grandma!)

speed read an entire section at the library

explore our family tree

paint an old car crazy ways

ride around town in a beautiful old show off car

paint and send letters to friends that are written on huge sheets of butcher paper

play with watercolor paints

paint a portrait of my lover

spend a season with the pottery wheel

create fabric murals that tell stories of your soul

make a calendar

create your burned/carved wood piece as envisioned

make the concrete yard sculptures

make personalized books for my parents and sister

paint an entire block with sidewalk chalk… bring in people from the neighborhood to help

create a mosiac piece

go to highway 40 exit 447 and eat at The Bean Tree.. walk in the stream

go white water rafter on the Olympic course in the smokey mountains

become a no-make up necessary girl

build a community garden

go on a habitat for humanity trip

work with metro community centers to plan quality programs for children and adults

cut my hair short to my chin

wear braids down my back at age 30, 40, 50, 60….

sleep in the desert

buy land in the country with a little cottage house

go snow sledding

learn to love the mean people

take foster puppies to nursing homes and children in the hospital

work as a nanny and work with diverse people I would not otherwise meet, travel with them on their family vacations

work downtown and wear high heeled shoes to work

work in a coffee shop

work as a housekeeper

work as a …. well, work many different jobs and explore the experiences

work as a manager

work as a person being managed

work with my hands

work with my brain

go to Canada with my parents

go to europe for the summer

spend time in the outskirt towns of France and see the countryside

bathe in the sun at a nude beach

go to greece and well… all over the world

take my backpack and hang out in a seclude corner of the park with my laptop all afternoon

visit mother teresa’s ministry house

contemplate becoming a nun

contemplate running away to another country

spend a weekend at a ski lodge in December or January

have a treehouse built for adults… have it available to rent out for the night… so big people can sleep in the trees again

drive across the country on back roads

fall in love with people of the world

buy several houses around the world

study the worlds religions and get to know our universal God Creator in all people and all cultures

take myself to the dichotomous ends of my innocence

feel the fear of the unknown and step ahead anyway

explore my heart’s desires in healthy, holy ways that nurtures my heart to its core… in ways that makes me more able to share deeper love with others

open up my heart to experience infinite love

share my love of life with my blogs so that people across the world are connected to my heart

get proficient enough at web design and graphic design that I can move my virtual online playhouse from my head to computer screens across the world wide web

buy “the” cowboy boots

ride down a country road in a beat up pick up truck singing to the music with the windows down

ride in the back of a pick up truck across farmland

pick blackberries with my sister in the summer sun, buckets tied to our belt loops

break a watermelon open in the field, sit down and eat it with my hands (a favorite memory with my mother as a little girl)

ride in the train engine car and see the tracks in front of me…wear the hat

sleep on a train

learn how to bake and decorate cakes

watch Anne of Green Gables from start to finish in one weekend

sing the sound of music songs in the woods and pretend i am really in the movie

make webpages that tell stories of the people that inspire me

tell my heroes that they have my admiration

find mentors

be a mentor

spend the day in a monastery

sit in a chapel at midnight and tell my heart to the universe

go on a spiritual pilgrimages and soak up the rituals and experiences of the group
do the wine making dance in a barrel of grapes... like Lucille Ball or like in Walk in the Clouds (whichever is more fitting! )

Living the Life List

Now that I have the LIFE LIST in a blog, I am going to start updating it a little more.   I hope to post pictures from time to time from experiences I have when I go out to experience something from the list.

Me swimming with dolphins.   
Maybe someday it will happen out in the ocean. 
This was at a beautiful dolphin sanctuary. 
I felt so much love energy in these beautiful beings.